LIUNA Local 78 represents asbestos, lead and hazardous waste handlers in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey. The Local’s 3,000 members are the hard-working employees for nearly 200 signatory environmental contractors, performing 75% of all asbestos removal in the area.

LIUNA Local 78 was organized in 1996 by the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA). On its first day, the Local had 1,500 members. Since then, due to aggressive organizing and an active membership, the Local has grown steadily. Local 78 was granted jurisdiction over asbestos and lead abatement in Long Island in 2002.

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Pawel Gruchacz, Business Manager
Joel Burgos, Secretary-Treasurer
Jan Sanislo, President
Michael Gomez, Vice President
Fabian Derewiecki, Recording Secretary
Anstro Cabrera, Executive Board Member

Ruth Ruales, Executive Board Member
Jaroslav Arendac, Auditor
Krzysztof Walek, Auditor
Marian Dzedzina, Sergeant-at-Arms
John Keenan, Auditor


Pawel Gruchacz
Pawel GruchaczBusiness Manager
Joel Burgos
Joel BurgosSecretary-Treasurer
212-227-4803 ext. 115
Jan Sanislo
Jan SanisloPresident
212-227-4803 ext. 114
Michael Gomez
Michael GomezVice President
Fabian Derewiecki
Fabian DerewieckiRecording Secretary
Anstro Cabrera
Anstro CabreraExecutive Board Member
Ruth Ruales
Ruth RualesExecutive Board Member
Jaroslav Arendac
Jaroslav ArendacAuditor
John Keenan
John KeenanAuditor
Krzysztof Walek
Krzysztof WalekAuditor
Marian Dzedzina
Marian DzedzinaSergeant-at-Arms