Local 78 has retained the services of the Law firm of Karasyk and Moschella since 2021 to perform Legal Services for the membership. If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact the office at 212-227-4803
This is the law Firm information:

Karasyk & Moschella, LLP
Phone: 212-233-3800
Email: info@kmattorneys.com
233 Broadway, Suite 2340
The Woolworth Building
New York, NY 10279

These are the following Legal Services for Local 78 members:

  1. Immigration and Naturalization Matters. The Plan provides up to 25 hours per calendar year for immigration and naturalization services for the member, spouse, and children
  2. Real Estate Transactions. The Plan covers the purchase and sale of a primary residence. The residence must be a one (1) or two (2) family residence. The Plan also covers mortgage refinancing and deed transfers.
  3. Wills. The Plan covers the preparation of simple wills (single and reciprocal), living wills, and powers of attorney.
  4. Landlord and Tenant Proceedings. The Plan covers proceedings in landlord/tenant court in which the participant is the tenant.
  5. Criminal Arraignments. The Plan covers your arraignment in criminal proceedings.
  6. Prenuptial Agreements. The Plan covers the preparation of prenuptial agreements.
  7. Adoptions. The Plan covers your adoption of a child.
  8. Change of Name. The Plan covers your legal name change.
  9. Consultations. The Plan provides benefits for consultations on all legal issues, with a two (2) hour maximum. This includes those matters excluded below, unless consultation benefits are specifically excluded.

*For more information and to obtain the entire Summary Plan Description, please call the Union Hall and request this document
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