Local 78 Establishes Retiree Council

In February Local 78 recently marked a new milestone with the establishment of the Local 78 Retiree Council.  The Council will serve as a vehicle to keep the growing number of Local 78 retirees informed and involved in the affairs of the Local.  “We owe our retirees a debt of gratitude that we can never repay,” said deputy supervisor Pawel Gruchacz.  “Those who came before us, built this union and we must never forget the sacrifices and hard work that they endured.  This Council will allow our retirees to provide valuable insight and advice, while also ensuring that they remain an active part of our union.”  The Council will be chaired by Local 78 member John Keenan, with Deputy Supervisor Pawel Gruchacz, President Jan Sanislo, and Secretary-Treasurer Joel Burgos serving as co-chairmen.  The other members of the Council will include Local 78 Business Agent Chris Walek and retirees Stanislow Kosiec, Anatol Dudzicz, Raul Garcia, Jeffrey Cooper, Jan Pomichowski, Andrej Szplitgejber, and Samuel Arevalo.