A Message from Eastern Region Manager Raymond Pocino

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As always, I appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about YOUR union.  Global pandemics and industry shutdowns have certainly made our work harder, but we continue to push forward– even if forward doesn’t come fast enough or advance things far enough to meet our current needs.

As an industry and as a Union, we cannot ignore the hardships we all face—the fellow members we tragically lost to COVID-19, the halting of work, the feelings of insecurity and despair. But now that we are seeing signs of more work opening up, we cannot let up on our efforts. We must expand and protect our jurisdiction, demand safe work places, and command the fair pay and benefits we deserve.

Our work is never done, and I hope you can be a part of our shared success.  Your LIUNA brothers and sisters are counting on you, just as you must rely on them. Let’s stick together and support one another. Whether we are on the job site or in our communities, Local 78 is best when Local 78 is united.


Fraternally yours,

Raymond M. Pocino
Vice President, LIUNA

Eastern Regional Manager