To:           All Members of Laborers’ Local 78

From:      Raymond M. Pocino
Vice President and Eastern Region Manager

Copy:      Laborers’ Local 78 Executive Board

Subject:  Appointment of Interim Laborers’ Local 78 Deputy Supervisor

Date:       November 24, 2020


As most of you have probably heard, Deputy Supervisor Pawel Gruchacz has been stricken with COVID-19 and will be out on sick leave for a period of time. In recent days he has been doing better and we are all looking forward to the time he can return to work in service to all Local 78 members. Please keep him in your prayers.

In the meantime, it is important that the work of putting Local 78 back on track continues. For this reason, General President Terry O’Sullivan, on my recommendation, has appointed Fabian Derewiecki as interim Deputy Supervisor, to be in charge of the daily oversight and operations of Local 78, while Pawel recovers. We all ask that you give Fabian your full support during these difficult times.

The Supervision of Local 78 is going well. Much has been accomplished, and with your support, each day will bring new progress in making Local 78 the strong, committed Union you deserve.

I wish each of you and your families a happy and safe Thanksgiving.


Raymond M. Pocino

A copy of the letter can be viewed here.