Dear Sisters and Brothers!

This year is unlike any other for all of us for many reasons.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit this country hard. The world that we knew had to change and so we, as the Local, had to change.

Since the large gatherings were not possible due to New York State and City Executive Orders, we were unable to conduct Membership Meetings and properly inform you on current activities of the Local.

Rest assured that even though the world was turned upside-down and construction industry was severely crippled in the City, the Local still stands strong and works diligently on creating for you more work opportunities through organizing and contract enforcement. Please see the following brief list of Local 78 achievements.

Sincerely Yours,

Pawel Gruchacz, Deputy Supervisor
Jan Sanislo, President
Joel Burgos, Secretary-Treasurer

  • Contract Negotiations:

    • New York: On August 21, 2019, an agreement was reached with the Environmental Contractors Association (ECA) on a 3-year agreement. This agreement included wage increases each year ($1.50 on the first, $1.35 on the second and $1.35 on the third year). Local is also working with ECA on updating the language of the CBA (updated language, dates etc.);
    • New Jersey: On August 30, 2019, the Local concluded negotiations with the ACCNJ for a 3-year agreement. This agreement included wage increases each year ($1.50 on the first, $1.35 on the second and $1.35 on the third year). Additionally, the new contract included new Residential Rates that are very competitive and will be used to recapture lost market; and
    • Retiree Committee: Local 78 leadership recognized the need to establish the Committee to appreciate our growing number of retirees. We are working closely with Local 79 on this plan.
  • Contractors signed under full Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

    1. APEX DEVELOPMENT signed in December 2019;
    2. UNIVERSAL ENVIRONMENTAL signed in December 2019;
    3. SUPER LLC signed in December 2019;
    4. FRYMAR Construction signed in May 2020;
    5. TRICON ENTERPRISES resigned in June 2020;
    6. PROJECT SOLUTION DEVELOPMENT signed in December 2019; and
    7. GL GROUP signed in July 2020
  • Contractors signed under One Site Agreement

    1. Turning-Point Contracting signed a one job agreement at Newark public schools (09/2019);
    2. CPR Restoration signed a one job agreement at PSEG in E. Orange, NJ (08/2020);
    3. Unicorn signed a job agreement at Rouse Elementary School in Woodbridge. (07/2019); and
    4. AGD Contracting signed One Site Agreement to work at JFK Airport. (08/2020)
  • Projects turned over to Union Contractors

    1. Coop City, Bronx. KD Herkules (Non Union) was removed and Abatement Unlimited (Union) took over. 3 Yrs / $6.9 Mln.
    2. Westbury High School. 1 Post Road, Westbury, NY.  Elite Construction (GC) wanted to use an unknown Local 1298 contractor to do underground asbestos abatement. After Local’s involvement with Elite and School Board officials, they agreed to award the job to Branch Services (Union).
    3. Creedmoor Psychiatric Center. 79-25 Winchester Blvd. Queens Village, NY. A.A.A. Windows (Non Union) was awarded a job at building 73. After Local’s involvement with OGS (Office of General Services), they decided A.A.A. and gave the job to Branch Services (Union).
    4. Creedmoor Psychiatric Center. 79-25 Winchester Blvd. Queens Village, NY.  Lead Project. A.A.A. Windows (Non Union) was awarded the job. After working closely with D.A.S.N.Y. they agreed that A.A.A. did not have the qualifications to perform the work and they gave the job to AGA Environmental (Union).
    5. Garden City High School. 170 Rockaway Ave. Garden City, NY.  Park East Constr. (CM) awarded Candr Solutions. After our involvement Park East decided to give this project to Branch Services (Union).
    6. Hackensack Meridian Health Care System. Shade Environmental (Non Union) was awarded a project and after Local’s involvement, the company was replaced by PAR Environmental (Union) at various sites owned by the Hospital.
    7. Atlantic City Convention Center. B&G Restoration (Union) had a small portion of this project, but after Local’s involvement, they were awarded with the whole project. (Bid was challenged by 2 Non Union Contractors but they lost).
    8. Cherry Hill, NJ. Central Bld South Harvard Ave. Torcon (GC) hired The Mack Group (Non Union) for a project, after our involvement, the GC removed the Non Union Contractor and replaced it with Delta Environmental (Union).
    9. Gen-On, Sayreville. Prism (Non Union) had the first portion of the job at this site, after a job action Prism was removed and replaced by Pinnacle Environmental (Union).
    10. Flatiron Building. 175 5 Avenue. NYC. Building owners hired Mid-Valley Contractors (Non Union). After actions taken by the Local, owners decided to switch to ABF Environmental (Union).
    11. Lincoln Center. Board Of Trustees wanted to hire NY Insulation (Non Union) for a portion of Asbestos abatement (Open Shop). After Local’s and Mason Tenders’ involvement we were able to secure this project Union. Pal Environmental (Union) will do this project.
    12. 511 Barry Street, Bronx. We were informed by a Union Contractor that Non Union Contractors were also included in the bidding. After our involvement, Pal Environmental was awarded the project.
    13. CSX Train in Newark NJ. 611 Delancy Str & 1150 Newark T’pike, Kearny, had Asbestos and Mold Inc. (Non Union) working for them, we reached out to CSX and got that company removed. North Star (Union) got it.
  • Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) signed.

    1. Philipsburg City Hall Project. NJ PLA was signed for this project.
    2. Bergen County Court House. NJ PLA was signed for this project.
    3. PSEG various locations. WRS (Non Union) was working with PSEG on various locations doing our work. Local reached out to Corporate office and they removed WRS and replaced them with Abate-Tech (Union)
    4. RXR signed a Letter Of Commitment after Local’s actions.
    5. Commitment Letter was signed by CBRE (Commercial Real Estate Services) for a building at 521 5 Ave, NYC.
    6. Meridian Health signed a PLA with the building trades in Monmouth County, NJ.
    7. A.Q.A. signed letter of Affiliation (All Clean Env) after the Local found out they are owned by the same person.
  •  Other Achievements.

    • Local 78 Administration
      • Local was able to keep all operations going during the worst of Covid19 pandemic. Different tactics were used to achieve it, through lay-offs, shared pay programs, adjusting operating hours of the staff.
      • Payment system was modified to suit the requirements (no cash, Credit Cards only, no surcharge for CC operations) and optional online services were introduced: eLocal; where members can log in and pay online and use the same account to register for online classes provided by Mason Tenders Training Funds.
      • Local provided masks and hand sanitizers for the members on site and at the Local. Since the membership meetings were cancelled due to New York State and City Executive Orders, our Local staff was visiting jobsites and informing members on Union business.